Internet Access

Internet Access Services through optic fiber

    GLOBAX provides a high-bandwidth connection directly to the European Internet backbone. Our clients are connected through terrestrial and wireless local loop circuits at the European Internet backbone. This solution allows guaranteed transfer rates, direct access to European and USA backbone and very fast connections to the european important Internet knots. It is assured the permanent monitoring of the links, 24h/24h technical support, online statistics regarding the traffic of the client, filtering of the traffic on the source address as well as on the destination address as a primary protection measure against floods, complete auxiliary services for each client. The connection is dedicated, with a bandwidth according to our clients needs. We can assure symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations and we allow unlimited update

    The access in local exchange is also assured by a special dedicated router that operates full BGP with the major Internet operators in Romania, the complete routing table including more than 1000 routes. The advantages of this solution comes from assuring a high speed connection, preventing traffic congest, low costs, simplicity and robustness. The main connection is made through optic fiber, assuring direct connecting to UUNet backbone in Frankfurt knot. This solution is destined to assure Internet access both for ISP (Internet Service Providers) and for big companies through global UUNet network, at an accessible cost and offering high quality services.

Access at radio “Point-Multipoint” network Services

    Digital radio networks are an efficient way to satisfy our clients present and future necessities, when they need high speed connection and want to replace the classic terrestrial connecting solutions. At present, our company holds 34 licences for installing and operating a “point-multipoint” digital radio network, using bandwidth technology.

Main advantages:

  • high speed data transfer;
  • efficient and reliable connecting solutions;
  • reduce cost for the connecting solutions, comparing to similar solutions using the rented lines;
  • mobility and easy installation and usage;
  • this solution allows both Internet connection and inter-connecting between companies internal networks;
  • excellent cost-performance report;
  • point-point and point-multipoint configurations;
  • assures parameters control, established through contract;
  • requires little time for introducing the solution – max 48 hours after the contract is signed;
  • high service availability;
  • total independence from the terrestrial infrastructure;
  • flexibility when changing the site location;
  • upgrade without additional taxes and without disconnecting the service.

    At present, we offer a complete line of solutions for radio access, designed to satisfy a wide range of necessities, from SOHO applications to high speed applications, required in the urban areas.

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